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Suggesting Kids Under 13 Should Be Allowed On a Popular Website.

Is it really an good idea?  They already track you everywhere and have such personal information even members of your family, friends and neighbors, and strangers don’t know, but now they want to get the even younger ones on site as well (the ones that have not done so already), yup, when that happens they will finally know everything going on in your life, in your house ( no need to go into detail here), and other items you would not divulge to others. Younger kids have a tendency to just say everything that they are thinking let alone having a structured  conversation with anyone,  meaning they might not think about replying or doing something to a request from someone on their list. This really needs more discussion and not from the SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS, their aim is MONEY, and staying in business, their false claims of privacy and protection are very misleading.

Facebook Adopts Microsoft PhotoDNA To Remove Child Pornography


Microsoft should develop the Photo DNA software and add it by default to the Windows operating system so images could be deleted on search before they could be downloaded or uploaded. Websites could auto link to delete the images as well.

more phones?

phone tracking….your phone knows where you are and where your going, and so do the corporations…they know more than you tell your parents, or your lover, or your friends, and more than the government.

whats with phones???

interesting item:::::::so you bought you a new phone with a minimum 2 year service contract, and you found out you had global tracking problem….             question—–you bought the phone, you pay for the service……you get tracked everywhere,  whether you want to be or not, you give them your personnal information, and you get specific targeted ads delivered to you based on where you are,have been,will go….now the corporations tracking you and blitzing you with ads stand to make Billions in revenue off of you,  not to mention the money the retailers will make if you buy a product from them from viewing the ads sent you on a phone that you bought and on the service you pay for…How much of those advertising revenue dollars are you getting in return for letting the corporations track you and use your personal information to target you with ads?   Remember their cost is getting ads and then delivering them to you on a phone you bought and on a service you pay for.