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Well, we finally made it to the new season of never ending political entertainment, our after the Rapture punishment?

The opening round with Sarah ‘the Slayer’ Palin speaking about Mitt ‘the Mandate’ Romney in his hometown kinda gives you an idea of how the GOP is going to roll this season.

Now that we have seen the trailer, you need to ask yourself is the movie going to be worth watching?



Suggesting Kids Under 13 Should Be Allowed On a Popular Website.

Is it really an good idea?¬† They already track you everywhere and have such personal information even members of your family, friends and neighbors, and strangers don’t know, but now they want to get the even younger ones on site as well (the ones that have not done so already), yup, when that happens they will finally know everything going on in your life, in your house ( no need to go into detail here), and other items you would not divulge to others. Younger kids have a tendency to just say everything that they are thinking let alone having a structured¬† conversation with anyone,¬† meaning they might not think about replying or doing something to a request from someone on their list. This really needs more discussion and not from the SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS, their aim is MONEY, and staying in business, their false claims of privacy and protection are very misleading.