North Charleston Shooting

At the begging of the video it shows what appears to be an ending struggle and an object(taser) being dropped on the ground and as the officer is withdrawing his weapon something is slung behind him(radio??), and as the suspect is running away the officer fires his weapon(now as to this adrenalin is coursing through both suspect and officer, can be why he fired and continued to fire).

I have been in situations when weapons and no weapons have been used and know for a fact that when in a struggle and your adrenalin is rising that thinking processes are diminished.

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Really?  Well now I understand the requirements to let all the dopers, drug pushers. chemist’s and other long list cons out of jail, to save money? Doesn’t look that way. Senate Bill S.978 will be for video streamers and cell phone >arena photogs< to take the places of those released….pols are idiots. Well they should go after the  corporate thieves just as diligently… thieves calling out thieves. Streamers and the like — get a lobby and buy some pols. 

Zscaler Research: Buying software online is getting more and more risky

Zscaler Research: Buying software online is getting more and more risky.

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YouTube – Gaddafi’s Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains ‘Financial Terrorism’

YouTube – Gaddafi’s Stolen Billions: Max Keiser Explains ‘Financial Terrorism’.

Home | The United States Navy Memorial

Home | The United States Navy Memorial.


Well, we finally made it to the new season of never ending political entertainment, our after the Rapture punishment?

The opening round with Sarah ‘the Slayer’ Palin speaking about Mitt ‘the Mandate’ Romney in his hometown kinda gives you an idea of how the GOP is going to roll this season.

Now that we have seen the trailer, you need to ask yourself is the movie going to be worth watching?

My 5 Money Wasters (The very Short List)

1.  Electronic Gadgets   The kind of tech that seems like it was exactly what my life needed to keep going, but turned out to be a failure of wizardry implied.  I bought a BetaMax  once, I think it’s out in the garage behind all those other projects  I was going to get to as soon as I spare the time from my modern life.

2.  Garage Relics   Yeah> go look in yours.  That piece of junk I was always going to (fix up, remodel, retool, use for whatever reason), which is just waiting for some other lucky treasure hunter to come relieve me of the burden to deal with it ((hint: bring cash; no refunds)), to the very lucky individual buying this ancient artifact of mine, yours to proudly display in the corner of your Garage while it’s possibilities haunt your hobbiest moments of actual usefulness.

3.   End of Time Bunker Stuffers  Headlines:” WORLD ENDING FRIDAY”.  Oh!, how many times have I fallen for that one ( seems I never learn from listening to the last Doomsman), I mean really, all those batteries, tanks of water, meals ready to go, crates of this and crates of that, Doom Masters please!,  all this stuff costs money, way more that I earn in a decade , and it all has expiry dates as well. I really cannot afford your Procrastination any longer, either stop revealing your LSD nightmares or BRING IT ON, I am ready!!!, at least until, hmm, let’s see, ahhh yes, here we go>December 21,2012, the expiration date of everything.

4.   Political Pacs  During the last campaign that Rep assured me It was a foregone done deal to get all that government owned land in State Name Here, only if I were to enhance his chances to beat out contender What’s His Name.  So I volunteered to enhance his campaign with a few thousand helpful Benjamins to help him attain his worthy goal of representing all us constituents of Hoodwinked Masses of State Name Here. Yeah that worked out for him, oh he got the seat all right and a very nice talking to about the ordeal of the aftermath.  Me, you ask? Well I have a nice bed in a clean room in a very large building complex with heavily armed Security, it’s in the no rent district. See ya, it’s exercise time.

5.   The Bubble  please don’t laugh, it could happen to everyone. Which? Well it’s like this, just pick one out of the Get Really Wealthy hat of  Your Forever Limitless Suckers,  Financial Mountain of Ponzi, Global Countries of Forgiven Debt, Social Security of Dwindling Funds, and that You Really can Afford to Live in That 5 bedroom Mansion even though you only make a benjamin a week Home for the Less Austere Market. No more of that for me, I’m just gonna invest in that highly overblown and promoted Junk Bond’s are for Everyone.

Just Saying


Suggesting Kids Under 13 Should Be Allowed On a Popular Website.

Is it really an good idea?  They already track you everywhere and have such personal information even members of your family, friends and neighbors, and strangers don’t know, but now they want to get the even younger ones on site as well (the ones that have not done so already), yup, when that happens they will finally know everything going on in your life, in your house ( no need to go into detail here), and other items you would not divulge to others. Younger kids have a tendency to just say everything that they are thinking let alone having a structured  conversation with anyone,  meaning they might not think about replying or doing something to a request from someone on their list. This really needs more discussion and not from the SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS, their aim is MONEY, and staying in business, their false claims of privacy and protection are very misleading.


Looking forward to what M$ is going to do with Skype ,Nokia and WinPhone7.  If they put the tech they used on their web ads on site into skype and WPhone7 it could mean very fast streaming and  a good silverlight experience.